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Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2007

well, my work day is finally done and i have the next two days off whew cuz i've got alot of catch up around here. the left over garage sale stuff has to disappear, there is a huge dump run, i promised trina i would bring out some extra crates for them and there is some stuff i want to do in prep for the open house. i am just going to give the barn a quick clean and get them all fed and to bed, run the dogs, esp. ben and max who have been shut up all day and then i am doing another late night cleaning inside here to get a head start on tomorrow.

saints welcomes clyde and washington from salmon arm. rae and hubby drove them up today. clyde is a fairly young, unsocialized, seizuring terrier something. he is kind of odd looking but cute. washington is a 15 yr old toothless snowshoe manx. he is very handsome.

johanna treated us all to a superb lunch to celebrate pippa's life. i rushed home for my lunch break, just in time for the food. pippa's windchime has been hung and her ashes scattered and we remembered what a sweet little dog she was.

thank you johanna for today, we are all so grateful that you found pippa here and gave her such a wonderful home.



Hey Carol - just a quick question or two.....Are you still in need of Kuranda Dog Beds and if so, what size? I have noticed that your dogs have multipled quite a lot since last fall so just am wondering.....

Also, is Caro still up for adoption?? Just wondering hmmmmmmmm.......


Johanna, thank you so much for the fabulous lunch and cake at Pippas' celebration of life. It was great meeting you and your friend Jeannie. I hope to see you both again. Watching you hang Pippas' windchime and spread her ashes was very touching. Late this afternoon I was sitting on my deck and it started to rain yet it was still very sunny; I was waiting to see a rainbow but instead the colours were comming through one at a time. Every time I went out onto my deck I could see very softly the colour behind the clouds. It was very pretty! This evening I went out and the first thing I saw was a cloud shaped like an Angel. I think our beloved furry friends that have passed were all sending a message of love and thanks to us. You were loved and cherished Pippa! Heidi


Thanks so much, Carol for letting me scatter Pippa's ashes and for letting me hang her wind chime. It really meant a lot to me. I like to think of her quietly smiling down on Saints. My only regret is that I didn't discover that she was there sooner or I would have adopted her last summer.

It was a great day and what made it so special was meeting so many of the wonderful people who devote so much of their lives to helping out at Saints and whose posts I see on the Blog. The improvements that you have made at Saints are amazing.

Sorry that I didn't adopt a little dog. I just didn't feel that there was one that would fit in with my two.
I really am looking for a very small, very senior quiet female dog. I supppose I'm looking for another Pippa or another Benson (Mighty Mouse) but female. However, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time. (Sadly !!!)

Have a good two days off and good luck with the Open House.

Thanks again for a great day, Carol. My friend Jean has fallen in love with Saints and is so pleased that you will allow her to bring out chimes of her two cats. We'll be back !!




Thank you again Carol for finding room for Clyde and Washington. I know Washington will fit right in he is such a good guy. Clyde I'm a little worried about, he is not your "average bear". I hope he's good boy for you, just remember he loves his food and maybe you can use that in helping him.
Thank you Johanna for the wonderful lunch, it was a gathering fit for a Queen which is a very fitting way to remember Pippa. I'm sorry we weren't able to stay for the cake and the hanging of the windchimes.
I love hearing the stories of the Angels at Saints and how they have come to be there. It was great to see some old faces today and to meet some new ones. I wish I didn't live so far away. Of course just like every time I visit I fall in love I go home and try and figure out how I could fit one more in. I'm sure there must be a way, let me work on it.