Rescue Journal

cinamon died today at 9:30 am

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2007

i was in at the vets visiting her. the vet said that despite 3 different IV anti-nausea meds, and appetite stimulants, she still was retching and refusing to eat. four days was long enough to try for her.

i felt like shit determining the death of this very sweet and lovely cat who was so glad to see me that despite of how ill she felt, she still rubbed and purred and licked and told me how happy she was that i was there. she died with her tiny sweet little face cupped in my palm.

rest in peace baby.



On a happier note, I took the remains of Pippa's cake over to Yaletown House this afternoon where it was enjoyed by the residents and staff who were Pippa's friends. In the last six months of her life, Pippa spent many happy hours at Yaletown House with her first mother, Eileen Kenwowd, so it seemed appropriate that we had a celebration of her life there as well.

Eileen enjoyed an enormous piece of cake. She can't eat by herself anymore, so I fed her the piece with the little orange poodle in icing on it, and we talked about Pippa.


I never even had the chance to meet Cinamon : - ( Go with peace Cinamon . Take Care Carol.


Rest in Peace sweet Cinnamon. It was a difficult day. I'm sorry Carol, somtimes life just totally sucks!!!


So sorry Carol,

Your job is not an easy one!!
Take care of yourself.