Rescue Journal

miss betty boots has arrived.

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2007

and she just might be more homely than bill. i like that. she is pretty scruffy looking and a little bit stressed but she didn't kill chicklet when chicklet had her own special kind of not-so- welcome party. she is starting to look at me and follow me around already so i think she will be fine. she is so far good with the cats and everyone else but we will see how she is when she settles and feels not so overwhelmed.

tunie wouldn't go back in the barn cuz i put down four of those costco rubber mats as a trial for tonight. if they look like they are going to work, i will buy six more tomorrow. i had to pull them up again to get her to come in...sheesh these barn guys are touchy about their floors!

i didn't tell you that last night gideon fell going into his stall, that twit spritely nipped him in the butt when he was trying to slip past. i told her she would be really sorry if he broke a leg or something just because she is PMS'ing right now.... she really does love gideon alot and would be very upset if he were hurt. anyway, gideon is not stupid like swinger, he laid there for a second, thought about where he was and then planned his getting up again. he did it very well too. if this doesn't work to keep these creaky old guys from slipping, i am tempted to jack hammer out the cement and put down sand.

clyde is still scooting around trying to stay out of my path, he is kinda cute in an odd sort of way. the good news is: he is starting to make me smile cuz he is just so sombre about everything. if he can get me to laugh, we know he will be one of my favorites.

washington is right at home, no adjustment period required, gosh he is a lovely cat.



When I read Gideon had a fall, I felt a jolt of concern and I haven't even met him yet. I'm really looking forward to meeting him and all the other Saints residents.


phoebe is staying in the house alot and getting yelled at alot and having my finger pointing at her little pointy face like a death ray from hell alot too.


I'm glad they are both settling in Carol. Hopefully soon Clyde will stop being such a weiner. Washington is a beautiful boy and I knew he would find his niche no problem. As long as you provide him with a spot to sleep he's a happy camper.
How's Phoebe doing with the barking?
Please give Miss Betty Boots a hug from me I'll look forward to seeing her pictures. Welcome Betty after the dust settles you'll realize that you have truly landed in heaven!!!