Rescue Journal

lady jane has a home.

Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2007

barb and her mom have been visiting recently, mom cuddles, barb baths dogs and mops up pee. lady jane went home today with barb's mom (lady jane voted for the cuddler verses the cleaner, altho barb gets to share her too (and barb does give good cuddles and really good treats too)...lucky girl to find such a very great home...yay!!!

my moniter finally crapped time too many soaked with the orange boys pee. luckily the new one was waiting in a box in the closet and i hooked it up right away.

i wonder how long this one will last?

remy and betty boots have had a couple of altercations cuz A. remy is an idiot and B. betty boots has food issues. i guess these two might not be the best of friends.

i finally let clyde loose from dragging a leash...he kept peeing on it and it smelled gross. now i can't catch the little bugger but oh well, i am kind of busy this week and don't really need to catch him right now anyway. betty boots was trying to play with him in the kitchen, those two playing together made me kind of nervous cuz both of them have at least half a screw loose.



I am SO glad that Lady Jane has found such a good home. In fact, I'm delighted because I felt really bad about not taking her on Sunday.

All the best,