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i am taking a break for a few minutes

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2007

i cleaned max's room of all the drywall dust. greg fixed all his special little holes and painted them again (how many times are we going to have to repair that room?) lynn spot washed some walls and windows and scrubbed down the lawn chairs. i poop and scooped and de-junked the front door area, inside and out. i have organized the cat room better and i want to do the same for the kitchen and my bedroom. no point in actual cleaning yet cuz they will literally piss it all away before morning. but if i get it all done tonight plus make a dent in that freaking laundry, it should be pretty easy just to whip thru here with a mop in the morning and be ready for the open house. at least that is the plan. i have kind of destroyed the kitchen tho cuz i keep tossing everything into there...that room will be a major drag tonight when i finally get there.

the dogs are all being good right now, they are taking a break right now too and are sleeping instead of peeing, except clyde, sigh, he is still peeing on everything in sight.

dex had a small seizure again when i was out doing the dump run. eva called me so i turned around and came home. he was fine by the time i got back here so i went back out to try to actually reach the dump so i could get that stinky stuff out of my car. blech. i hate the smell of garbage. it makes me want to retch.

i am trying to decide where to stick all the trouble makers tomorrow. i have made like a dozen lists...max in the big dog room, wesley out with mo at the barn...max in ben's pen, ben in a portable pen in the front yard. wesley in the dog room, max out with mo (oh, bad idea, he sucks with the barn guys)...phoebe i just want to muzzle and hang temporarily from a tree branch somewhere and i have no idea where the heck to stick betty boots, maybe i will set her up a pen outside too to get her out of the entrance way or maybe she can go in bens pen if i stick ben somewhere else...yikes, i need two more pens!

of course it will rain which means i can't stick anyone outside anyway and then i will be screwed. altho i might still leave phoebe stuck in the tree, if she has a muzzle on she can't complain.

i hope tomorrow goes ok. i hope no cats escape and i hope all the dogs are good and on their best behavior. i hope it doesn't rain and people actually come and enjoy themselves and i really hope the animals have one of the best days of their lives too.

ahhh, so much stress in hoping for so much.



Well I was glad I read the blog as all along I was stupidly thinking Sunday, Sunday,,,I was going to be there. Unfortunately I then realized DOH! it was Saturday and we already had a family thing going at our place so couldn't really duck out on that. Rats..I am glad we were there just recently but really wanted to do the open house thing. Next year???

Barbara DeMott

Hi Carol,
All the best today. I wanted to come and visit for a long time but the ferry schedule in the summer means I would have to leave there before I arrived to make it home before bed. I am looking forward to a visit after summer ferry season.


All the best, Carol, for a great Open House.

I wish Milo and I could join you. However, I suspect that you will not miss Milo, whose love of horses and pigs would greatly add to the excitement of your Open House!!!! (You could put him up in the tree with Phoebe)

Have a really good day,



Hope all goes well today for you. Wishing you lots of people, good weather, co-operative animals, and huge interest in what Saints stands for. Wish I could be there but I have to work! Rae


there is so much food (and good stuff too) so people better come out otherwise you, me and mo will be forced to eat it all.