Rescue Journal

i think everyone should know....

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2007

that i am not a nice person. i am a good person, and a kind person but i am not nice. nice is for people with alot of time on their hands, i don't, and i really resent wasting my time.

so i generally say what i think if i think it might make a difference and if i don't think it will help, i just won't bother at all. if someone doesn't get it by the second time, then i just shut up and nod. yes i do think alot of people in the real world are stupid and i try really hard to not run into them if i can when i am out and about.

i hate 2 hour phone calls (unless they are interesting) but if they aren't then i won't return them a second time. and i block emails when i just can't stand anymore of the same.

and if i get cornered while rushing out to buy a mop before putting the barn guys to bed and max's return from his day out then i am quite gracelessly going to get free so i can get home to do what i have to do.

i don't like anyone (except my kids) showing up here unannounced after 5 pm or before 9 am the next morning and i get really frustrated when both of the scooper things have disappeared from the poop shovels...where the heck are they????? the dogs are still pooping but i ain't scooping cuz they have disappeared. i am contemplating murder of whoever has lost them.

quite frankly, i am a bitch alot of the time. mostly people don't know it cuz i am quiet about it if i can be...sometimes however, i am not so subtle and it slips out.

so for everyone who thinks saints is named after isn't and right now it isn't named after alot of the animals either cuz some of them aren't much nicer than me.

but there are a few saints here, some really nice and good ones. i just don't happen to be one of them.

do you know how hard it is to find really good poop scoopers? 99.9% of them are crap.



The best pooper scooper ever is from Dan at Canadian Dog Agility Equipment in Armstrong.


Speaking of crap once again - Nudge has pooed every day this week and luckily I have found a scooper!