Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2007

new incoming today. boris the cat. he has an interesting tale.

apparently boris was found as a stray... old, starving and injured, badly. his jaw was fractured. the pound took him to the vets for euth, really, he wasn't adoptable and he was in distress.

a young vet student with a soft heart worked in the clinic so she decided to try to fix him and find him a home. she was able to accomplish the first part but not the second. old, black, previously injured cats are not high on people's "i want..." list

there sits boris, now repaired, feeling better but still old and black and without a home and she is leaving to go back to school to learn even more to help even more animals on wednsday.

and tuesday is the day she will learn how much it hurts to euthanize an animal simply because it hasn't a home.

not likely....boris is coming to saints today because that story about an old sick cat and a young kind vet student just about broke my heart.

welcome boris, can't wait to meet you.



My beautiful brown, bodacious, bouncing baby boy was so close to death that it gives me a sick feeling still, eight years gone.
Tannis (the then Vet student) saw in Kirby what I see in Kirby, and she made a decision that changed all our lives. She saw the potential, the sweetness, the goodness of this magical dog.
It took a very, very long time to help this terrified puppy (he was only six moths old when he joined our family) grow into the goof he is today.He loves and is loved. He is protected, coddled and spoiled rotten. I make no excuses or apologies for that. We put very little pressure on Kirby, there are not a lot of expectations, but in my eyes he is perfect in every way. Kirby is my heart. He brings nothing but joy and laughter to his family.
Thank God the Vet student found it in her heart to help Boris. He doesn't know it yet, but his life is about to become exponentially better.

Chris T

Hmm, this story is very familiar. When Deb and I lived in Calgary we were fostering for ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation).There was a young vet student in Olds, Alberta who was working at a clinic when 6 puppies (not from the same litter, likely came from a closed down pet store) were tied to the door of the clinic. They checked them over, gave them shots and speutered the lot. Then they tried to find homes. Well they found homes for all but one - his name was Brown Puppy. We got the call from ARF: Would we take Brown Puppy because he was going to be euthanised, imminently as he was too shy to adopt out and the vet student was out of time to work with him.

Well, Brown Puppy came as a foster. He never left. All of you who know our dogs will recognize Brown Puppy as Kirby. He has come a long, long way since July 1999 when he came to live with us.