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so boris has arrived

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2007

he is shaved and sporting a sweater. i had a minor flip out when the people who brought him (and volunteer at another shelter) offerred to take one of our cats back to their shelter for adoption, in trade....specifically beaver. i don't trade animals. once they are here i try to see them thru. (honestly? mostly because i don't trust others, the few times i have done it, has always been a disaster and i am scrambling to get the animal back or mourning their euth. so, i don't do it anymore)

i was not very politically correct, i was taken off guard and horrified, so i pretty much said... are you nutz? i do my own adoptions, beaver has lived with me for 5 years he isn't going to a cage. i really have to learn to just shut up and say, what a kind offer but no thank you.

i will admit that here is a little bit overwhelming, sterile clean shelters filled with stainless steel cages with animals all lined up nicely, waiting for homes, are alot different then animals underfoot everywhere, peeing and pooping at your feet like miss ruby did when she woke up from her nap. your timing sucked ruby. or phoebe, flipping around, barking her face off and just being a twit.

i am sure that some people are as horrified by my idea of rescue as i am of theirs. there are so very many ways to do this but seriously, i like my way...most of the time.

we discussed the splitting up of the fruit loops too and they take a couple of them (the 2 non-feral ones), an adopter could try a different litter to stop their spraying. i said no.... i wanted a home that wanted all three cuz they are bonded and i wanted a home that wanted all of them despite their spraying. if they stop spraying (which i highly doubt) that is an added bonus...otherwise if they continue (which they will) they will lose that home too and then where will they go? i shudder to think..... plus i NEVER split bonded animals. their relationships are as important to them as mine are to me, i am aware of this so i can't. (i suppose if i didn't know this, i could, but i do know it so there you go, not happening.)

anyway, boris is here and i promise him the same care, concern and loyalty as i promised the others. i promise i will do my best for him to ensure his happiness be it here or somewhere else if i can find him the very right home.

sigh, i was so upset by the visit and the realization that i probably was viewed as another rescue nutbar that i wrung out the mop too hard and it broke away from the handle....i better go and buy another one cuz sure as shit, the saints guys are not in sterile steel cages lined up nicely and contained and i am going to need it many times tonight. i am glad they don't have to worry about being old and leaky and underfoot here. and i wish i wasn't such a fruitcake sometimes tho too.



don't worry, carol. we love fruitcake.

carol hine: