Rescue Journal

so clyde is now a normal dog

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2007

one week to the day of his arrival and he is hanging out on my lap, chewing on my fingers and having absolute screaming fits if i leave him behind the gate away from me. he was quieter when he was scared, now he is just spoiled rotten and loud like everyone else.

sigh, i really should learn how to rehab them into polite and good little family members not little happy despots.



Max became a normal dog almost the moment he walked through the gate at SAINTS. Animals know when they are safe, and they know when they can finally let their guards down.


with clyde it wasn't being nice...nice scared him and made him nervouus. he likes being yelled at and pushed around, and laughed at and his hair all messed up... that made him feel like a normal dog. he slept on my pillow last night too.


It's cause you're so darn nice to them carol, they just fall in love. I never could've thought it would happen so quickly, he is not an easy dog to win over. Thanks again, do I need to send ear plugs for you?