Rescue Journal

Chris and Deb have aquired two watchdogs.

Mecca  ·  Aug. 20, 2007

We decided that we needed a couple of guard dogs, what with the house, its contents and the property being under constant threat of a break in.

Since Mabee Baby and Mollie were already here (we tricked the dumb Rescuer into thinking we actually wanted these two dogs to be family members, and she fell for it, hook, line and sinker) we figured they'll do as security. We'll just move them both outside, tie them to a doghouse (don't worry, it will be insulated, and we might even scare up a blanket for them) and wait for potential B & E types to have the bejesus scared out of them.

We'll bring them inside sometimes, maybe. They will have water and food (but no more raw food, or freshly cooked chicken, guard dogs need to stay hungry and remember that they were born to work.

They have the instincts to be of service to humans. Mabee has a bark that could peel paint off the walls, and Mollie does the best shark attack I have ever seen.

Everyone should be glad that we have chosen to get two dogs out of a "shelter". They were the two saying "I'll do it, I'll do it!" when we nefariously went to SAINTS looking for watchdogs, in the guise of offering foster care.

What has really happened is that we decided that Mabel-Mae and Mollie have been full-fledged members of this whacked out family from the days their respective four paws came through our front door. We brought them home knowing that they would be permanent additions to the pack. We are now making it official, Mollie and Mabee Thomas are no longer SAINTS foster dogs, they are adopted SAINTS alumni. We feel honoured to be the moms of two remarkable little SAINTS, and our promise to them is that they will be loved, cherished, respected and protected for the rest of their lives.



My little Mabelly-Mae is so sure of herself and her place in the world. She sleeps where and when she wants, she eats what and when she wants. The door to her Queendome is always open, so she goes walkabout when and where she wants. She gets attention in whatever form she chooses, whenever she wants it. There is no pressure on Mabel, our love for this little scrap of independent dog is absolutely unconditional. We, her chicken slaves and bed washers, feel blessed to be her family.


i am so happy that mable and molly are now thomas's...the best dogs in the best home for them is always a really great thing.