Rescue Journal

do you guys think....

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2007

we should write all the names of the saints past and present in the cement of the multi-purpose room?....sigh, it is alot of names.



Where on earth are you going to find the space? :) As it is your bed seems like the most logical next thing to be moved out of your house. I'm guessing you won't be sharing sleep space with Percy.;) Guess you'll need to hang a hammock.....or start sleeping in your van.


i am thinking maybe an indoor rock garden shallow box shelf that runs along the middle of the wall with some of the great saints photo's above????


As long as the rock garden is movable (if need be) I think it's a terrific idea. I would like to see individual rocks (of differing sizes and shapes) representing the different characters that make SAINTS the unique place it is. The problem with rocks is that they settle, grass grows around and over them, and it might be labour intensive to do upkeep.
Either way, a memorial is a terrific idea.


I like the idea of the Rock Garden. Every little critters name on each rock. If you need any beautiful coloured river rock I have a friend who would deliver.


I like the idea of a monument of some sort, like the Viet Nam War Memorial. It doesn't have to be complicated or permanent,so,in the unlikely chance that SAINTS relocates at some point the memorial could be moved. The wall could have small brass tags with each animal's name and dates of time at SAINTS, or just names, which is simpler. The monument could be carved or sculpted into a shape allowing for lots of flat surfaces. We could do a fund raiser to put this project together. I'd even chair the committee


lol...i like the voice of reason...the thought of trying to neatly write almost two hundred names in drying cement was a bit daunting. i like raes rock garden idea...that is cool


It'll be okay for the SAINTS past and present up until the concrete dries, but what about SAINTS to come.....and sadly, there will always be new SAINTS arriving, and leaving.
Practicality also says that all those names will create an uneven surface, not good for wheelchairs or people with mobility issues.
I'm not usually the voice of reason, and it feels weird...


At a Day Care I visited they had a Rock Garden of sorts and the beautiful River rocks had the names of the children that had attended there. The parents were given the opportunity to paint the rock, just the name not the whole rock. It looked quite beautiful and after each child left the rock remained in the garden to remind eveyone who went there of all the children that had been impacted by the teahcers, staff and friends. You could do something like that, might not be as overwhelming as having to do all the names in the cement before it dries. Either way it's a beautiful thought.