Rescue Journal

panda passed away at 1pm today

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2007

he has not been doing well since his last depo injection and i have been watching him for the past few weeks. his FIV finally won the battle and panda stopped eating and went into hiding yesterday, i think he was finished with fighting back from the brink for so many times and just wanted it to end. i called the vet this morning and arranged to bring him in at noon. it took awhile for the pre-med to circulate thru his system, but he was content to wait peacefully in my arms.

another saint has passed who was here before saints was. panda has been with me for more than 6 years. we almost euthanized him in the first month, and a few other times along the way. i am glad we tried our hardest with him tho cuz panda tried his hardest too.

i will miss that wet soggy face tucked into my neck each night. i will miss the way he sometimes just plopped himself down on my head. and i will really miss a very good cat whose heart was full of faith.

good bye panda-bear.



julie... i am so sorry i didn't say goodbye properly to you on friday, this has been bugging me. i was seeing panda at that moment and that was it. have a great journey/adventure over the next couple of months and i hope your knee is feeling good again too. (and i suppose i should tell you while you are too far away to hit me...that beaver might have a truly great home, we'll see what happens, nothing is for sure yet.)


Panda was a very beautiful little man, I love you and will miss you sweet boy.


Panda was very special to me, there was something about him that went straight through into your heart.
I love you little man child.


So sorry, Carol. That is so sad.
I know how much he meant to you.

Do take care of yourself and try to enjoy the week-end.

All the best,