Rescue Journal

i can't justify what i just did...

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2007

i just did it, i couldn't not do it, but i shouldn't have done it and i knew it, but i did it anyway.

i was coming home from the dump run and there on the side of the road are three holding a bright pink spray painted sign that said..."kittens for sale $150" and two others holding half grown siamese kittens in their lady lifted one of the kittens up high so i could see her better. i stopped, a male and a female, bottle raised cuz mom died at birth. a permanent siamese kittens for sale sign on a post behind them, i have been driving past it for a couple of years. one woman said they were advertised in one of the local papers for $350 but these two were never sold.

i asked their names, they didn't have any. they were not spayed or neutered, i never even asked anything else. one lady gave me the female to hold. i saw two more people pull up behind me and i said, "i will take them both"

i am not going to pretend that this is rescue. i, carol hine, paid $300 cash for those cats cuz i was afraid of where they would go, of what would happen to them if i just drove away.

god, i am weak sometimes.



btw I said 'luxury' on purpose as clearly Baby Rue's mom wasn't fixed.
As soon as she was old enough we took her in as we've done with all our other animals.
When I see pet store animals I always wish I could give the 'parents' the luxury of no more litters, hence my expression "luxury of getting spayed". :)


one of my cats is a pet store cat. My son bought her for me thinking he did something good when he was very young still. And you know what? I wouldn't trade Baby Rue for the world!! She could not help the way she came into this world and that she was born due to greed. All she knows is that she's momma's baby, she's had the luxury of being spayed so the buck stopped with her and that is all I can do. I don't go looking for pet store babies but have never questioned anyone who bought an animal's way to safety. You educate people and do your huge part in rescue, that doesn't mean that these two don't deserve to be part of Carol's family. And with cats, we all know, if asked they'd think they're worth more than 300 measely dollars,lol lol.
They can't all be saved and sometimes it seems like a never ending nightmare, but there is no doubt in my mind that there was a reason why you stopped and had the 300 dollars to spare.


Carol i am set up next to the kitten sign with four pigs.. i cnat' hold them up cause there kind of heavy but look over here will you ... lol


Welcome Will and Grace. How lucky you are. Doesn't really matter how they came to be with you, at least they are safe Carol. Two more kittens that won't have to worry. Pretty hard to change the world although we would love to but at least you changed these two little guys world and for that they love you.


you are right dana, that is how i feel too. but my $300 bucks or the two guys behind me, those babes were sold.
sometimes i wonder if i have any real ethics at all or will i always be moved to whatever just to save one or two or ten.
there is a sign for free kittens around the corner, i haven't gone there... you know why?
because i haven't seen them, they aren't on the road in front of my face.
that does not say alot of good about me cuz those babes are as much at risk.
i am sick inside today.


I'm on the other side of the fence...I don't think I could ever buy an animal from a pet store or a flea market or a situation where somebody profits from crappy breeding practices.

Two cats were saved but a lousy breeder is $300 richer :( Lucky for those individual kittens but nothing to discourage these women from breeding more kittens to sell at the side of the road.


Oops, just read that mommy died, poor girl. Is there anyway to edit the comments? I see my typing leaves something to be desired.


I hope for $300 you got to give them a right proper lecture on byb breeding and homeless cats! then yu wiuld have got your money's worth!!! Can you go back and get mommy cat?


well here's the thing emma...are they saints or did i just increase my personal cat family to four? cuz it was carol hine out there on that road....not saints executive director.

they aren't purebreds by the way...they are cross eyed siamese heads on snowshoe feet with manx bodies and tails...odd looking cats who i suspect see double.

their names are will and grace.


It's got nothing to do with weakness - it's about doing the right thing at the right time. You probably would have felt weak for not taking them too! Thank God those cats are now on the right side of the fence being with Saints.