Rescue Journal

quiet night tonight, everyone is tired from helping mo with the barn

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2007

so....the foster home for ben is a go. greg will go over and fix up the concern areas of the fence later this week and then ben can make his move to a better life. his new foster mom sent home some freshly baked chicken for him tonight. she asked me if i could just see ben all stretched out on her brown leather love seat watching tv with her...sigh, yes i can see it quite well.

tom is not well today. he has bloody diarrhea with alot of bile and mucous. not good, but his appetite is still great...he is a little shark! i will talk to the vet tomorrow about some new gastro meds for him...maybe some sulcrate?

jeanette is scheduled for a 9 am arrival time tomorrow, i told percy he will finally have a real cow he can talk to. everyone should have someone of their own kind who speaks the same language. ellie and tunie, while not best friends, talk to each other all the time...i think tunie is mostly giving ellie shit tho. i so hope percy and jeanette like each other.

pat the cat...hmmm, he is spraying all over my new sitting room since i put will and grace in there. he seems to like them, he hangs out with them and they spend alot of time gently and quietly sniffing each others faces....i have to get all of them into the vets to get them fixed asap. i will be phoning first thing in the morning...pat looks neutered but maybe he is just not very well endowed.

clyde is so freaking cute. he is still a bit of a stubborn goat when we are out for the field runs...he takes his time and decides when he is ready to follow us back in. but, every night, he sleeps tight up against my chest, with his funny big nose stuck into my neck. and periodically i can feel him burying it even deeper in there thru out the night.

louisa called tonight and tugs isn't feeling great so he is off to the vet tomorrow too.

everyone nicely slept thru the canadian idol results show so i got to catch up on what i missed yesterday. thank you guys! thank you mo!!!



Fresh baked chicken!! what a lucky lucky boy!! I cannot thank you or the foster lady enough.

Ben deserves a leather couch and fresh baked chicken!!

Wishing Ben and his new foster home as much happiness possible with all of my love, heart and soul.