Rescue Journal

and the good news is.....

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2007

i had the vet out to look at jeanette....since i know next to NOTHING about cows, i wanted an expert opinion. she is ruminating well, her eyes are bright and alert and her temp is sign of dehydration, no need to tube her to get fluids in yet.... i had the vet look at the sore under her chest and she thinks it is a healing bed sore. and i had her look at her one flank which is WAY, WAY more sticky out than the other and that is fine too (shhhh, apparently jeanette has a fatty deposit/cellulite problem)

and...phoebe...gone is the quiet, subdued, introspectve little dog and back is the screaming whirling red wonder...sigh, i kind of liked her sick.

the swelling in spritely's leg is down more than i have ever seen it...the vet was quite pleased.

tunie did NOT freak out and start swearing when she met this new vet, she was quite polite cuz tunie likes women better than most men (altho she does like greg and john)

i accidently stuck my thumb down clyde's throat...he jumped up on my leg to say hello and my thumb was sticking out at an odd angle (don't ask me why) and it went right down his throat. he liked it alot and it made him very happy...he is such an odd little dog.

AND....the very most exciting news of all!!!!!

molly is growing hair!!!!

she looks so pretty, soon we will be able to guess what kind of dog she really is!



michael is about the same...apparently, dex tried to kick rocky's ass today....sigh...that dog just hasn't a clue that he is supposed to be dead....i wasn't here and i got the story 3rd hand so i am not sure who actually won but neither have a mark on them....maybe it was a draw...old, feeble and sick might be an even match for just plain not very bright.


I noticed how beautifull Molly's coat is becoming , I LOVE that dog, she is stealing my heart. I don't believe she is as old as they said either... but what do I know. Glad to hear Jeannette is doing well, she is a nice old gal. As for the Phoebes.. well I think it would take a lot to keep that girl down for long.. glad she is feeling better ( glad for her... oops sorry for you : - ) Hope Michael & Dex are doing well too


Molly is a doll, I was really taken with her when I visited. She liked my chicken from the picnic more than me though. I was heart broken when I ran out of chicken off she went. What a sweetie!!!

And Carol you are right, Clyde is weird!!!!!


Molly has the sweetest little face. Whatever she is, she's a cutie....elephant skin and all.