Rescue Journal

utter chaos

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2007

it was a nice and quiet evening....was... being the operative word.

i got ben settled into his foster home, i got the barn guys fed and put to bed and i started to return the messages. eva took a call today from a senior lady who is moving out of the country and wanted us to take her 17 yr old newfie cross...huh? i didn't think they lived that long, and good lord, a newfie is big! anyway, no return number... the lady was to call back tonight which she did. and it is not a newfie, it is a schpekke (however you spell it, i am too tired to look it up). but i ended up hanging up on her before i got her return number cuz all hell broke loose. first there was a visitor at the door, which happened to be my neighbor's wife who had rescued pat the stray cat, offering to take him to the vet for me tomorrow cuz he is not well.

soooo...the dogs are barking, the lady is waiting on the phone, i am talkng to my nice neighbor on the front step when i hear a major kerfuffle in the house. i open the door and yell..."HEY! knock it off!!!" and see clyde is in the midst of a grand mal seizure. shit.

i tell my neighbor i gotta go and slam the door, i tell the lady on the phone, i gotta go and hang up.

i sit on the floor til clyde is done and it was a very long few minutes, i can tell you. i called the vet to leave a message to call me in the morning about pat the cat who needs to come in to the clinic and clyde needing his phenobarb dose boosted and luckily colleen was there on an emergency so she gave me the new dose right then and there. and the ok to drop pat off in the morning on my way to work.

it is quiet again. whew, and i went and apologised to my neighbor for cutting her off and i wish i could apologise to the lady on the phone for cutting her off too... but i can't cuz i still don't have her number.

i was going to *69 it but i got another call from a nice lady who found a senior lost dog this morning but was calling me to tell me the dog has been claimed tonight so now *69 won't work. she probably has figured out that this place might be nutz and maybe now she doesn't want to leave her dog here now anyway.

sigh, it is a baileys night, too bad i ain't got any.



How is Clyde Carol?????

I tried posting 4 times but for some reason it wouldn't go all the way through. Please give him a love for me.


Carol I don't know how you do all of this and still hold down and full time job outside of the home. I read your blog every day twice a daughter says I am addicted to your site. She's right. Hopefully that woman will call back. How are Jeanette and Molly doing? Do you know what kind of dog Molly is yet?