Rescue Journal

sometimes i wish....

Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2007

that others could see some of the things that i get to see, at night when it is quiet here.

buddy and sissy circling in for a cuddle, so excited that they both thought of it at the very same time. clyde laying up against my face, waving around his pie sized feet and chewing on my chin.

sweet pea with the zoomies, running so fast down the hall and spinning at the very last second so her butt slides backwards up against the door and just ready to go at it again. julie licking my fingers at night and rainbow sucking on my hair, and hook, stretching up to reach my lap and a quick nibble on my nose.

gosh they are all so sweet.

sigh, of course there is chicklet having a cow cuz someone is stealing from the food bowl, phoebe with her moray eel act if someone wanders too close to her bed, remy chasing a cat down the hallway, molly pooping the 3/4 mile, wilbur creating his famous lakes and tang picking a screaming, door banging battle with a as yet unknown cat on the inside of the kitchen cupboard...i don't feel a need for anyone else to have to watch that stuff...i could happily miss it all myself.

there is a sad dog in maple ridge trying to find a happier place here, and the blind beagle's family called again but still there is no room. pat the cat is still at the vets, they didn't quite finish with his FIV/FeLV testing and microchipping plus colleen wanted to start him on zithromax cuz she is pretty sure he is at the beginning stages of URI and wants to catch it with the antivirals before it gets too bad...they will call when he is ready to come home. i wouldn't mind if he stayed the entire weekend cuz i am still working tomorrow and won't be around to watch him.

dex is a bit short of breath and he looks a bit sore too, michael is about the same...crippled worse than a pretzel but still toddering around. clyde is fine after his seizure, he has just reverted a bit in his nervousness at times and ben is doing fine in his foster home, he sleeps at her feet and follows her all around.

tugs bloodwork came back and he has kidney disease but the vet said we can still go ahead with his dental so i will call louisa and tell her to book him cuz i think he will feel alot better once it is done.

and jeanette is the absolutely sweetest cow, she just wanders over as soon as she hears you around. she popped out of the bushes today and walked straight up to a pack of dogs just to see what we were doing and then followed us back up to the barn when we were done in the bottom field....what a doll. she and percy seem to be getting along well, percy is choked tho that he has to sleep out in the shelter with jeanette instead of the barn. i told him his new barn is coming, just give us a couple of three weeks to get it done.

i had the cement guy come out today for an estimate on pouring the new barn floor...i am hoping to keep the cost of closing in that shelter to under a couple of thousand if we can cuz i am far enough in debt, sigh...i just might be dreaming again.

ahhh rescue, with all of our many and varied needs, we sure support the local economy.

so sometimes i wish i was rich like donald trump too...boy wouldn't that be cool to be able to rescue with his kind of money???? (but i don't want to look like him cuz his hair-do really bugs me)


Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
Looking forward to meeting Jeanette. Marie and I will be out on Wednesday to help with any bits and bobs.
Take care


i will phone them on tuesday emma...eastridge is closed til then. i knew she would love you!


You'd think with all that money Donald Trump would do something with his hair wouldn't you? Anyway, I am keen to get some records of Nudge sent from Eastridge to my vets but they need your permission. Can you give them a call when you have a moment? Thanks. Nudge has been OK but had a bit of trouble in the poo dept. today. I will pick up the cisapride from Nicole if it continues...............She is so happy here Carol. LOVES sleeping on the bed at night (or anytime actually!) snorting and snuffling in my hair. It's quite sweet until she gets excited and nips my scalp with her teeth!!