Rescue Journal

clyde is stupid

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2007

he zipped into the big dog room when i was rushing to get out of here to work. this is fine cuz he knows everyone, but it is not fine cuz he doesn't listen very well when i tell him to get out and i was in a hurry.

sooo...i have the door open and wesley rockstar in a sit with my hand on his collar so he doesn't slip out while i call the little doorknob and tell him to get the hell out. and what does the doorknob do? he jumps rocky from behind and starts biting him on the back (good thing he actually can't bite worth a shit) and rocky who is also a doorknob but smart enough to know that clyde is biting him even if he sucks at it and he decides to kill clyde, pronto. soooo...i am holding tight to an enraged rocky who is snapping at my hand to let him go and trying to grap the moron with my other hand who is snapping at me cuz he doesn't want to be caught and does want to keep trying to bite rocky. frankly i could have cheerfully killed them both or let them do it themselves. anyway, i did win the three way battle because i always win even if i have to pull rank....and now clyde can never ever go into the big dog room, or on any more field runs with the big guys cuz rocky now knows he hates the little creep. way to go clyde, that was a really freaking dumb move.

tomorrow is eva's birthday, happy birthday eva!!! i think it is funny that her birthday is on labour day cuz eva is like a labour-holic! anyway, i took her out for dinner tonight which was not very bright on my part cuz i tried to put the barn guys to bed way too late. i scoot past the horde surrounding the barn door and barely get in with my life.

ellie pushed in with me and i couldn't stop her but she ran straight for her feed bin, knocked off the lid and made her own dinner...whatever, it gave me time to bribe tunie out of ellie's stall.

and OM freaking G!!!!! there are no feed bowls in the barn anywhere...MO??!! i had to try to sneak out the back door and trick the horde to the other door and scoot really quick around the barn to look in the darkened riding ring for the bowls and shit!!! they weren't there either. by now everyone was back at the front door, right next to the missing bowls. so i go back around to the back door and sneak thru the little side gate and whisper to gideon to "shhh, and follow me" which he very quietly did (thank gawd he is not deaf) and got him into his stall. then i dragged the pig food bin into the sheep's stall with ellie in hot pursuit and locked her there, while i bribed tunie with 2 apples out and into her very own stall. i tricked percy back into the riding ring with a banana and closed that gate and then let spritely and swinger in along with the sheep (who once the horses were confined) i chased back outside and closed the door on them. then i moved the pig food bin from the sheeps stall into ellie's stall with ellie patiently following that bin, closed her gate, let the sheep and carl into their stall, locked the door, retrieved the food bin from ellie, finally grabbed the food bowls, made all of their dinners and got jeanette and percy their take out dinner out to their paddock.

holy crap that was tricky, mo, you owe me BIG time and now i am going to lay on my new old couch, pop in "the astronaut farmer" into the DVD with will and grace and sweet pea and tom and tiger lily and try to forget that clyde, rocky and mo all tried to kill me today.



I know it is sick isn't it... I love to be up when I feel like the rest of the world is sleeping.. so if it's not late at night... it's early in the morning.


sigh...they are all little sneaky pushy buggers aren't they? they do love their barn tho. are you coming out here today mo?

i woke up with the tiniest headache this morning which quickly got progressively worse because i literally had to leap out of bed and run to clyde who was seizuring again.

except he wasn't seizuring, he had a 2 litre stainless steel bowl in his mouth that he was alternating between banging on the kitchen cupboard doors, the front of the stove and tossing off the kuranda bed onto the floor. he is a pain in the neck, he is cute as can be and he is freaking noisy too.
someone should foster him for me.


Hmmmm I can still make this your fault... if you hadn't waited till it was dark, you would have seen all the food bowls piled up nicely in front of the barn doors.. Sorry about that. The barn guys were hanging around when I left & I didn't want to try & open the doors to put them away & have Ellie barge in on me.