Rescue Journal

still struggling about ruby and michael

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2007

their home euth is booked for tomorrow. are they tired of it all? are they ready for forever rest? or do they still want a bit longer, do they still feel the struggles are worth it? i just don't know.

i am fussing over those baby ducks...i want them to all live.

i am totally in love with jeanette, she is simply lovely. she is becoming percy's mom and she is so good with him. he has settled out quite a bit since she came, i think he is glad to have a cow mom again.

ok, back to duck and michael/ruby fussing. i have to get it right for all of them if i can.



Tough decision Carol! Both are in rough shape but both seemmed to enjoy the memorial for Pippa (of course things change quickly). I struggled and struggled with the decision to euth. Nina and changed my mind a lot. The vet was helpful he gently reminded me that it was a decision you can't change so be sure. I know the day I arranged the home euth I was sure. It was actually easy and comforting to me to do it because I KNEW. Whatever you decide it will be right because you always seem to know what the animals need and put their needs above anything else. Michael and Ruby let Carol hear your voice and what ever you choose you are both very brave, brave, beautiful dogs. Heidi