Rescue Journal

and the vet said......

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2007

i picked up pat the cat from the vet. he is now vaccinated with the basics, microchipped and confirmed neutered. his feeling unwell was related to a hairball that was stuck in his throat, once that came out, he felt fine again. no sign of URI and he is FIV/FELV negative so pat the cat is ready to find a new home!

the vet is really busy today and since i am still waffling around about michael and ruby's euth, we cancelled and re-booked for saturday. i feel better, if i feel unsettled about it, it isn't the right time, maybe by saturday i will feel more sure.

the ducklings all survived the night, and some are starting to move around really well. i am switching their cage today so i will have a real good look at each individually and see who is doing what and how well. the vet said it is not a good idea to try to raise parapalegic ducks and that i should decide who is going to make it within a week. i think that is fair, it gives all of them a chance to come along as far as they can before we decide on quality of life issues.

the vet loves pat the cat's name and she really likes the cat too. she said it is a perfect name for him because he is so sweet and likes to be patted so much!

ok, enough goofing with the animals, i gotta get to the dump yet today.



one of the little guys is hopeless i think. one leg is firmly plastered to his abdomen. i will gently try to stretch it out over the next few days but when it is that tight, i don't have alot of hope.