Rescue Journal

did you know that cows cry real tears?

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2007

well they do and so do pigs.

jeanette cried the first night she was here and then she stopped. she cried again tonight and i sat in the dirt and cried with her. i found her when i went to put the barn guys to bed, she had fallen down the manure pile and was laying at the bottom of the hill and could not get up.

i phoned the vet and they told me to get a halter on her and a rope around her middle and to try to pull her up onto her chest.

sigh, i was alone here. i got the halter on her and tried to pull her up. i couldn't get the rope around her middle so i tried to push her up from behind. i called greg and he left the barbacue he was at and rushed here to help her.

we finally rolled her over so she was tilted down hill and managed to get her up.

her tear streaked face hurt me. i felt so bad that i let her fall down that hill.

she will have to stay up in the upper pasture and riding ring from now on. she is too old to be free ranging around up and down hills.

thank you greg.

she is sore tonight, i gave her some bute for the pain. the vet will come see her tomorrow and check her out.



Aw; knowing how the "culls" are killed for Raptor's makes me so sad for them. I cannot imagine ever being hard enough to drown ducklings and chicks, no way. We had a "cull" duckling and he became our house duck; he knew ehn he had to poop and quacked to go out.Had him for years; what a great creature they are. Good luck have them in my good thoughts.