Rescue Journal

it was an interesting day today

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2007

i have a lingering sinus headache, probably from crying too much yesterday. shelley came and helped me in the house and wow, we whipped thru here and had the place finished within a couple of hours...that was great!

we had a nice father and daughter come for a tour. she is an up and coming bunny advocate. already she is spending her weekends helping the bunnies at her local shelter, i think that is just so great.

there was a bit of cloak and dagger stuff too. that always makes for an interesting sunday afternoon. one of our dogs previous owners came by on the pretense of adopting a dog. they were afraid that we were not what we seem so they came here incognito to check us out. they were a really nice young couple and i could tell that they really did care about what happend to their dog and in the end it really doesn't matter that initially they lied to me to get here. i would have let them come even if they had told me the truth but they didn't know that so there you go. the bottom line is they now know that their dog is safe and we are who we say we are, and we do what we say we do and i hope that brings them peace of mind. but because they are so young, ( and i am speaking as a mother of young adults myself who i love deeply and i know that they too are learning their way) i hope they read this and understand that in a world that is so full of everyone's lies and untruths, that the only way to stop it and get back to a world of honesty and truth and integrity is to practice these things ourselves without fail. and i do greatly appreciate their honesty in the end.

gosh i wish we still had hero's like knights in shining armour and robin hoods, and martin luther kings, and nelson mandella's to teach our kids of a shining world of honor. where have all the hero's gone anyway? i miss them.

well, i better go out into this hero-less world and do the dump run and then i can take a couple of hours to chill with these guys before the evening routine (maybe i will watch an old movie too)...back to work tomorrow for just one more set of shifts and then i get a whole 12 days of vacation..whahoo! i got big plans for stuff to catch up on here.



Hey Melissa. I have a TG pooch myself.. Levi & he spends most every week-end out at SAINTS with me: - ) I think passing on your compassion regarding animal welfare is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your kids. If humans views & values are going to change towards how we treat those we share our lives with & .. dare I say.. those we choose to eat.. it will be with the children of today.Like with everything, they are our future.
Carol I spent some time with Boris today & what a sweet sweet cat. He purred & reached out towards me, but he was tired & I could feel his time was close. Great pic Nicole... Did I take that one ? If so what a surprise .. I got everybody in... !


lol melissa, you missed our last discussion on hero's. i will freely admit that myself and the volunteers of saints and many other really good people who work so hard for others are those very special ordinary every day hero's (and those i think are the hardest to be because we don't have the super powers of the big guys) and i will admit that ordinary, every day hero's can and do change the world and make it a better place...but geez i miss the super-human, larger than life and touched by god kind of hero that inspire the rest of us to keep trying.
and thx for reading the blog, it is nice to know that others share the life here too.


I am new to reading your blog -- about a month - I followed the link from Turtlegardens blog, where we adopted a few years ago, and my kids sponsored a puppy recently.
I just had to say---- I know where are all the heros are....
Have you looked in a mirror lately??? The work that I have read about, the stuggle, the heart - that is why you and your helpers are heros. I am teaching my kids about being responsible citizens, animal rights and compassion by sharing your stories with them (editied to their level of understanding of course.) They are learning to be respectful and caring because of the work that you and yvette (TG) do.
Thank you - to our family and the many animals that you care for you are the hero here.