Rescue Journal

i am sorry but i might just have to kill clyde

Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2007

i took away the food bucket cuz i got tired of sweeping up 5 pounds of dog food several times a day and gave him a spill proof bowl....which he still manages to push all over the freaking floor. but i am not going to kill him for that, i am going to kill him because he prefers buckets to bowls as his favorite toys and just dumped out 5 gallons of water so he could bang around in the kitchen with a really big assed, noisy clyde bucket toy. idol is starting you moron, it is the final results show...shhhh, i want to hear it please.

on a commercial break i took a quick burn thru the big dog room to collect my friend tyra for the night. maude was missing.

there are half a dozen empty dog beds in there to choose from and maude has dug herself a dirt hole in the backyard to sleep in...the wild woman who will not be tamed.

11 pm....instead of a new post i will just add to this one...i briefly thought i was visited by tom tonight. maybe he misses me as much as i miss him....i am trying to do a quickie clean up all of the disasters that are just literally following me from room to room...i have a busy day tomorrow and to get a head start i need to be up at 5 am....and when i finally made it into the bedroom to fill the food and water bowls til last them to morning...i take note that my waiting bed is toast.

it has been peed on, had diarrhea on and literally puked on from end to first thought was tom but he is gone. my second thought is ogidie cuz he periodically does that kind of thing.... he is very old and sick. luckily i bought brand new sheets yesterday that i have just been waiting to try out anyway....sigh, i think that last bed change lasted all of three freaking days. i am truly thankful to whoever invented rubber mattress protectors.



I can assure you that was Tom last night letting you know he is okay and thanking you for all your kindness.