Rescue Journal

ok...the golden years aren't quite here for me yet but...

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2007

i am starting to suspect that they aren't real anyway.....

it is a good thing my eyes are bleary in the morning. i have this tiny little medicine cabinate with a tiny little mirror. and still i saw an old fat face with sticky up hair rushing past it at 5 am today.

sigh, i think it was me. i shouldn't bug ugly betty, she looks way better first thing in the morning.

i don't want to go to that wound care course today. i like wound care, it is one of my most favorite things to do as a nurse. esp if i get to follow a patient daily and watch the wound base go from not very nice to good. but the afternoons are becoming an issue for me, i just want to fall asleep...see! that is another old person sign and i snore now too, so there you go, disaster looming in front of my peers.

i want to know how come the older and more worn and wrecked that the dogs start to get, why they begin to become more beautiful with each and every day and while the same aging process is happening here...i am starting to look like crap. not fair.

my father once told me, don't believe in the golden years, it is a lie. i think he was right.

sigh, move over ugly betty, you are looking pretty darn good.

those baby ducks just heard me thumping around out here and are now screaming for some attention. they are without a doubt the messiest most water crazed little critters in the world.



chicky-poo is doing just fine...still terrorizing anyone, anywhere near the vicinity of the food bowl (from the safety of her bed of course) and she still has that bad hair day thing going on too...i swear she always looks like she just woke up in a pillow case....wild hair-do's suit her tho.


I dont know where else to post this...but I am wondering how CHICKLET is doing? If someone would let me know that would be great..Thanks