Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2007

the dogs are all wound up. i came home and went straight out to clean the barn and crap...we are out of senior horse pellets and how the heck did i forget to buy more. i managed to make them a mash with a little beet pulp, alfalfa pellets and bran and will have to do the same for breakfast tomorrow cuz i can't get to the feed store til my lunch break.

anyway, so the dogs are wound up cuz i am home but did not come in to hang out with them and then we had some stuff to take care of outside so i didn't get into the house til a half an hour ago. and are they all was like hanging a carrot or a cookie on a stick in front of them, me here, so close and yet so far.

so they are all hyper and i have been giving them heck to settle down and be quiet and finally everyone is good except chicklet. she is awake and she is nagging away and i am just waiting for her to get bored and go to sleep so i can finally relax too.

i forgot to eat dinner and it is too late now and why is it too late? i haven't a clue, i am just not interested in eating this late. i wish i had a cold corona tho, that sounds like it would taste really good tonight. i am going to get some this weekend, i bet mo would like a cold beer after cleaning the barn. i think she is away this weekend, but i can't really remember. if she doesn't reply to this post we know i am right. so.... i am planning on cleaning the barn on saturday but i think she said she would be here on sunday and she can have her cold beer then...ha ha i will have had 2 by then!

we have a fundraiser in surrey on saturday evening so i have to leave here by 4 pm for the set up. i am so grateful to the people who are putting this on for us cuz all i have had to do is show up for the event. that is really nice!

dexter's hip tumour is starting to break down, it was inevitable because eventually blood supply becomes an issue. we are going to have to watch him really carefully now for bleeding and infection and i think his time at the pond and farting around in the fields is soon coming to an end. ahh dex, you are going to break alot of hearts.

if i can squeeze in the time this weekend the little chi's and molly and chicklet all need a bath. i need to make a priority list cuz i really want to get to them all...maybe when the ducks go on sunday, i can grab them and toss them into the sink for a nice warm bath. and i can't forget that the cement for the new barn is being poured and the photographer is coming and i have to get to the fundraiser on time either. plus we are having some visitors on both days. i can remember that, i just can't remember who and and what time....i need a secretary to remind me about stuff!

did you guys hear that oprah settled 250 million dollars on steadman so he didn't disclose about their private life? gosh, i wish some one would pay me to stop disclosing, and i would be happy to be quiet for alot less!



not to worry mo...the fundraiser is sold out so you and larraine can't come anyway...apparently the organizers have gotten their hands on 4 box seat tickets for the canucks...ha ha ha...and they are selling a chance for them for $20 each card...i am going to try to win them and then i am giving those 4 tickets away cuz i don't like hockey but some of my most favorite people do! (avoiding playing with percy is way more exciting than hockey if you ask me.)


Where is the fundraiser on saturday? Is there anything else happening in the next couple of months. Any more garage sales coming up??


You never cease to amaze & crack me up all at the same time... I am here this week0end away next.. when you are on holidays I believe.

I forgot about the fundraiser though & can't make it .