Rescue Journal

betty died early this morning

Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2007

nothing changed, she slept on her bed, rapidly breathing away. i woke up frequently and laid there listening to her quiet quick rhythm. and then this morning she got up from her bed, toddled a few steps down the hall, slid down to the floor again and died. it was that fast, and she wasn't alone.



I'm sorry for another lose at Saints. It's been a hard go these last few months. Know that we are thinking of you and the animals.


God Carol, so many losses, so much grief. I'm sorry your burden is so heavy, and has been for such an extended time.


Holy moly Carol I am so sorry. Rest in Peace dear Betty. I'm glad it was swift and you were with your friends when it was time.


Dear Carol,

I am so sorry !! It has been very difficult for you recently with so many losses.

I only wish I could do or say somethng to help.

Take good care of yourself, and I am thinking of you at what must be a petty awful time.



Sorry Carol, I think perhaps Wilbur called for Betty to help guide him to the bridge. I was really just beginning to "see" Betty & I feel sad for that. She was a funny kind of dog & I should have " seen " her from day 1.

Run free & happy Betty , I see you now !!!

Chris T

I sorry Carol. There has been so much loss I am not sure how you are coping. There are not enough words anymore.