Rescue Journal

picture this....

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2007

my two most favorite images today (except not including anything to do with ellie-mae cuz just looking at her makes me feel good)

miz bernie in the bathroom with me while i sneak in a hot afternoon bath. she opens the cupboard door under the cabinate which is fine cuz i stashed a bed in there for her and she disappears within. bang! out flies the bottom drawer, right onto the floor and bernie is sitting in there looking pretty darn pleased with herself. i guess she wants the drawer gone so her bed can go there instead. i just love self actualizing animals who take care of business themselves.

phoebe and clyde...apparently now big sister and little brother. phoebe runs to the laundry room window and stands with 2 feet on the sill staring out and clyde is right beside her, feet side by side, peering intently too. very cute.

sigh, they are now playing together, and looking out the window together and i told phoebe i don't want her teaching him any of her rotten habits. having a little brother in tow is a moral responsibility to be a good role model. i don't think she cares.