Rescue Journal

i can't find bill's ashes

Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2007

it was a good day today.

i thought dexter was dead this morning, he was laying there with his eyes open and didn't seem to be breathing, my heart dropped to the floor. anyway i went over and poked him and he woke up and asked to go for a walk so he was fine...whew....i told him no more looking like a dead dog when he was sleeping.

gideon and sparkles are already inseperable. she truly is a lovely girl and a perfect companion for our knight in shining armour. any knight would fall in love with the magic of a unicorn and i think gideon has. i haven't let her in with spritely and swinger yet cuz i am not sure they are bright enough to see her special light, they might just see that she is smaller than them.

the new barn is finished for now, just a few tune ups when we aren't under so much pressure from trying to finish the FeLV and multi-purpose area. but it is good enough for now. percy, jeanette, carl, kissy, annie and grammy are all in there having their dinner and preparing for their first night in their new house. i hope they like it. percy already kicked over his bucket and flooded jeanette's stall so tomorrow i will buy some hooks to hook the buckets to the wall.

it is a lovely little barn, thank you greg. i can't wait to paint it purple with white trim in the spring!

we had some nice visitors today who brought a donation in memory of a lost loved one, we are going to dedicate the new FeLV room in her name.

nicole came and helped me spread everyone's ashes except we are both doornobs. i lost bill's ashes, i stashed them somewhere in the house and can't find them today. and nicole asked me if she could have michael's and i said yes cuz i thought she wanted to be the one to spread them but then she didn't so i asked are you going to spread michaels? and she said no. so i said what are you going to do with them? and she said she was going to take them home. i asked what was she going to do with them there and quickly added you are not going to spread them somewhere else are you? and she said no she wanted to keep them in the house with her other lost guys. that is ok cuz michael didn't like being alone outside anyway. except she forgot him and called me later when i was on my way into town for dinner with cathy in the pouring rain. she had left him in the back yard. i said are you nutz? he hates being outside in the wet! she said he was fine, he was still in his box and wouldn't writing this it occurs to me that we might be weird. anyway, michael is back safe in the house and i will try not to lose him and i will try to find bill tomorrow too. ashes are alot of responsibility (maybe too much for either of us!).



ooops...i better go and do that right to the other...hey! i am not alone here! i may very well harmlessly speak of someday getting a tiara for ellie mae the pink pig princess but i did not in fact stick fuzzy pink bunny ears on our resident troll. hmmm??


i am definitely not as crazy as you make me sound, thanks for that!
did you take the pop out of the fridge?