Rescue Journal

todays very best images

Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2007

carl and ellie laying snuggled together in the sand, carl's neck draped around ellie's and rubbing her face and ears with his cheek.

percy in jeanette's stall with her this morning, he knocked down the top rail and climbed over to be with his mom.

sparkles prancing in the barn while i was cleaning and sticking her head out the window to call to all the others and the thundering sound of their hooves as they answered her "hey guys! the barn door is open" call.

cole standing at the top of the tree line peering down on the peasants below.

clyde's happy, "i am now your good son" face as he greets me whenever i walk in the door.

max's happy bum wiggle as he stood with his front paws on the door in hello...he has gone back home now but he was pretty good this weekend. he is such a very nice dog.

buddy and sissy's frantic warm bed search cuz i turned off the fireplace this morning cuz it is beautiful today. they just got to try them all. apparently today they have decided that the 2 little baskets under the blue bench is THE place to be.



The weekend is over and all is well at Saints. I would love to see a picture of Percy and Jeanette together, sounds very sweet.