Rescue Journal

fait accompli

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2007

sigh, i have done it again...i am everyone's best friend. packer wants me, cleo wants me and even mugsy wants me (and he is sooo freaking cute!) i make them all want me, i am good at it and i have alot of experience at getting animals to love me. i do it for a couple of reasons...

A. dogs have to love someone and be loved by someone in order to be happy.

B. dogs have to love me in order to respect me and do (or stop doing) whatever i say...and this is critical for controlling the masses around here.

C. on a personal note....i happen to like to be loved and i like loving in return.

but there is a downside to being successful at means feeling the burdens of responsibilty. it means knowing and hurting when they want and i don't, now there are three more dogs who want me to hang out with them all the time, and geez guys i can't...i have to spread myself around. and difficult and unneutered or blind little dogs who can't safely go everywhere i go just means there are more places i have to be.

sometimes it sucks to be wanted even tho it has to be.



hey now, leave me alone. all the new guys have their photos up, except for the 3 that arrived this week.
sparkles is up on the barnyard page.


Can't wait to meet these new guys... but I'm really looking forward to meeting Sparkel ( sp?)

Nicole... we need pictures.. hint hint... I know you are super swamped right now... perhaps you can teach me how & I can load them... is that the right lingo ?