Rescue Journal

the story of pokey-goat phil (for lack of a more permanent name yet)

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2007

pokey-goat phil lived 20 miles from civilization with his friend whose name is unknown. they belonged to the caretaker of a logging camp and lived there for many years. one day the caretaker left and a new caretaker took over. he was not a pokey-goat fan and so he never fed them. the goats managed to forage for food but pickings became slim and so did they. about a month ago, several shots were heard out in the bush and that night pokey-goat phil came home alone. apparently big tough guys like to go up there and shoot things, like abandoned, lonely, hungry and very trusting goats without names. someone a bit nicer knew what was happening up there and called animal control so sherry the AC officer drove all the way up to save a poor abandoned goat. she showed pokey-goat phil a bowlful of grain and he happily jumped right into the back of her truck. she drove him straight to gun free saints where unlimited grain and some very nice people awaited.

welcome home pokey-goat phil, we hope you will be very happy here.

pokey-goat phil is the stuff that legends are made of and now he is one of our saints.



an addition ... I always thought his name was Pete but then on your website it looked like it was changed to Phil ... oh my, I was attached to the name Pete but both names are just great and I love him lots either way!


I visited Saints on open house day this summer and fell in love with Phil the goat. He is the sweetest, most handsome goat you can imagine. The smile does it ... its really contagious! I think of him often and have told so many people about him - he absolutely captures the spirit of Saints ... happy, gentle, very playful, and very funny. There is no way you can meet Phil and not leave with a smile :) Every critter at Saints is phenomenal, and Phil alone is worth the trip to visit with them all.