Rescue Journal

they woke me up like 10 times last night...

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2007

i shouldn't say "they", when really it was clyde, even tho clyde slept like a baby. but for some reason they were all banging around and making weird noises that i couldn't quite identify and i kept thinking it might be clyde having a seizure so i better check. i am tired, i didn't get home from work til well past nine and they were alone for quite along time. they can make a very big mess when they are alone that takes even longer to put right once again. 2 more afternoon shifts to go and then 3 days off whahoo!

the garbage bin is overflowing again, didn't i just do a dump run? it will have to wait til tomorrow cuz i am leaving here soon, i am having breakfast with my family to celebrate my daughters upcoming birthday so i am going into maple ridge early today. and since i will already be in town, i might actually get to work at noon on time too!

birthdays are special days and frankly i didn't know what to get her. she is a teacher and her wages are decent and since she doesn't dump all of her money into saints like i do, she actually has alot more money than me. hmmmm, i had to put my thinking cap on.

but i came up with the perfect gift. she told me a few weeks ago that she has been buying food for her classroom, she is a support teacher for grade eights. some kids are coming to school hungry because they just don't have any food at home. this has bothered me ever since she told me, kids in this day and age should not be hungry.

so i bought her one of those plastic rolling carts with drawers and i stuffed it full of granola bars, breakfast bars, juice boxes, fruit cups, cheese and bread stix packs, oriental noodles in bowls, and individual kraft dinners to go. i put a pretty bow on top and i think that i got her the perfect gift cuz she loves those kids.

it is going to be a good morning today cuz i love my kids too and i get to have breakfast with them today.



Wow! You're a great mom. Just reading about your gift brought tears gave me a lump in my throat. Sounds like your daughter has her mother's caring heart.


Brilliant birthday gift! You are a very good mom, Carol. Lindsay will be thrilled with the thought and love that went into your special gift.
Happy Birthday Linds!