Rescue Journal

ok then, sloooowww down...

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2007

oil changed, tire fixed, big cat room finished, but the cost could have been high.

don't rush in animal rescue cuz if you do, someone could get hurt.

i rushed into mugsy and cleo's room to fill their waters and did not close the kitchen gate behind me. clyde slipped in thru the slowly closing door and zipped around behind mugsy and started chewing on his back...mugsy said, "WHAT THE F#%#!" and clyde said..."oh shit..." and i said "get the hell outta here you stupid fiend!".....clyde ran and hid in the corner and mugsy and cleo beetled right into the kitchen (where thank gawd, remy was busy eating a cookie and too busy to notice an unneutered male sniffing his butt.) i quickly bribed mugsy and cleo back into their room with those bacon begging strips. i picked clyde up out of their corner where he was still cowering and closed all the gates like they are supposed to be.

now i am having a cup of tea and telling you about my adventure. i have all day man, there ain't no rush, and slow down, take it easy and think about what you are doing, are the very important and key words today.

i thought senior and special needs animals would be easy. hah. but the reality is, we are more like old and stupid, twisted, little bastard rescue which is why i really have to slow it down.



You of all people thought senior and special needs would be easy?? Jenny Two is off her Prozac - things could start to get nasty around here! I'll be sending some cheques soon for Clydes sponsorship - maybe they could go towards some therapy for him!