Rescue Journal

chicklet is back home

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2007

so no one has to miss her too much. the new home was not a great fit once she got there so chicky is back to terrorizing the hungry seeking the food bowl.

cody had her first 2 field runs, she quite enjoyed them, had a swim and a good long roll in the poop. she gets tired very quickly and only walks a few steps before laying down for a rest. too bad we already had a "mosie" cuz cody is without a doubt the very best mosier that i have ever seen.

i am literally bagged. 2 really hard days and back to work tomorrow. i had to laugh cuz i was whining at the gas station a few minutes ago that i still had to unload the feed and do a ton of work. the very nice young man suggested that from now on, i sleep til nine am then work hard, then nap from 2-4:30 and then work hard again til evening, then i should put my feet up/watch tv and relax thru the evening and i wouldn't get so sore and tired during the day...okey dokey, i will get right on that schedule as quick as i can.

deb and chris brought me food today, god that tasted good, i have been living on cookies and granola bars for the last couple of days....they are easy to grab and eat real quick and don't make any dishes either.

oh well, i better think about unloading the feed and putting the barn guys to bed.