Rescue Journal

i had a look on the Best Friends petfinder site...

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2007

cuz some of the cats that are coming here are listed...the pahrump cats are identified with an NYE after their name and the FeLV ones have a little green heart too.

their ETA is currently oct 25/26...firm date still to be confirmed.

i cannot tell you how very sad it made me to look thru that list of over 500 cats from one rescue who went too far. the sadness in their eyes and their frail little bodies spoke volumes of the life they have led til now.

i will never regret taking some of these cats, i just hope that all of them find good places to go. they deserve the best after what they have lived thru.



Good for you Carol for finding the space, and the resources to help these cats. I have been following the Great Kitty Rescue and it is so sad! I look forward to meeting your new Saints!!!