Rescue Journal

the broken hearted

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2007

taking in the abused, neglected, ignored and de-valued is easy. these animals are so very happy and grateful to finally be "seen" and they think saints is a pretty good thing.

taking in beloved family pets is another thing altogether, they had a home, they were loved and cherished (or at least they thought they were) and initially to them, saints can be hell.

cody had a good night by broken hearted standards. this morning tho she is clearly stating, i don't belong here and i want to go home. she is laying out in the grass and she won't come in.

i can make cody love me, she really won't have a choice but how sad is it that i manipulate her emotions to get her to be happy here?

this is the part of rescue that i hate, the messing with the broken hearted. because i will make her love me and want me and follow every movement i make with her eyes and her feet and she will always yearn for more of me then there really is. if i had one really true wish that would come completely true, it wouldn't be for money (that would be second) would be that beloved old and senior dogs would never, ever lose their homes.



i don't know why they gave her up, life got in the way somehow i suppose. it is sad no matter how it has happened.
i started her on pain meds tho so hopefully she will be moving better soon and maybe she will shed some weight and feel even better (or maybe she will be like bill and not...he so liked being huge!!)


Poor sweet Cody. What on earth could the possible excuses be for throwing away such a lovely girl? She's three years younger than Madison, but looks ten years older. Her face is heartbreaking....she looks so very....lost.Lost would be better than tossed. Why? Why did her people not let her live out her life surrounded by familiar and comfortable things?
Cody will be okay, I know you will make sure of that, Carol, but this is so very unfair.