Rescue Journal

sigh, i am stupid...

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2007

the weekends are the only days of the week that i get a break from sludging out in the dark to feed and set free before i go to work in the morning and rushing home at lunch to clean the barn so i can put them to bed again in the dark as soon as i get home.

and what do i do last night? i let all the barn guys in before checking the bins, and there was only enough in some of them for their dinner. which means what? it means, mo has nothing in there to feed them. so last night i hauled 4 50 pound bags over after they were all locked in their stalls with 5 eager to escape again no longer hungry bodies between me and the feed bins so i parked it in the middle of the aisle way when i can get past them in the morning cuz they will be hungry again and hang around. and it means that i better get my butt out there to fill the bins cuz that is not fair to mo to have to deal with that when they are all fussing for breakfast and the dogs are all fussing for their morning run. and it means that there is no way i am getting out of that barn without feeding them since they will see and smell all that food. sigh, and i might as well let them all out when they are done too since i am already there.

crap, i am stupid and wasted saturday's morning off, i should have filled those bins at lunchtime yesterday...oh well i still won't have to clean the barn at lunch and that is good. thx mo!



and of course, let us not forget something of critical note like i did last night....saints horses are amazingly dedicated and creative and determined beasts with very specialized extendable necks. apparently these remarkable creatures can extend their powerful slinky-like necks incredible distances to rip open feed bags and dump 200 pounds of dead wheelbarrow weight right into the middle of the aisle. oh yay.


I didn't read the blog last night... but I read it this morning & went back to bed for another half hour of sleep. Thanks Carol !! Although you could have called me & gave me a heads up... and I would have managed. But the extra sleep was welcomed.

Why couldn't today's weather be like yesterday. Does anyone know where I can get good rain gear & not pay a ridiculus amount ?