Rescue Journal

whew...5 days off, starting tomorrow!

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2007

i honestly didn't think i would make it thru this last stretch, but i did.

eddie is at the vets, we are waiting for the bloodwork to return.

i made a med error the other day. clyde gets a 15 mg tab and a 30 mg tab of phenobarb twice a is pink and the other is yellow. i was tired and grabbed the pink pill bottle and accidently gave him one of molly's eltroxins instead. i didn't know we were out of the pink 15 mg tabs and didn't realize til the next morning when i wasn't so tired and actually looked at the label and realized that i had given clyde the wrong pink pill (they are identical in looks but that is not an excuse, because the labels clearly say what is what and for who and i was just plain stupid). the one dose of eltroxin won't hurt him but it will make a difference that he was short on his phenobarb dose so now i am freaking that until i get his blood levels back up again, he just might start to seizure again. sigh..wake up call is really past time to sort out the meds and fix the problem before i accidently give molly a pink phenobarb (which might be a big deal) instead of her identical pink thryoid pill. too many meds that look too much alike for too many animals and too many times that i am tired or in a rush (or just can't find my glasses)...sigh, i better clean up my act on these days off and come up with a better med system, the old one no longer works with so many meds to give.

the vet has asked me for some assistence with nine malamutes whose owner is in hospital and may not return home....some being...possible homes or rescue placements, helping with caring for them in the meantime in their current kennels, looking for someone to hire to take over that responsibility so that they are well cared for until we find someplace for them to go.

anyone want to jump into rescue with both feet and coordinate and moniter these dogs til a solution is found? both saints and the vet will support you on this...such a rare opportunity for a new kind of interesting fun folks! the dogs are here in mission.

the dogs ate my cabbage rolls and perogy's for dinner...personally i thought they were gross but the dogs all liked them. and it is getting dark, i better get my butt out to the barn and deal with those frantic fiends...i just don't want to!



Carol, What kind of help/care do they need? Are they able to stay at their home? I love malumutes. Would Trev and I be able to stay there? If so I'm totally interested. Please call me with details. Thanks


you need a secretary type to help you sort things out! or a nurse for the children. a nurse for the nurse? that's weird.
if i wasn't all the way over here in Lincoln i would consider helping with the malemutts, but since i am, i hope you find some one soon!
kisses to the cats! pats to the dogs!