Rescue Journal

it has been a long day

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2007

i did get the dump run done and i did manage to get out and do some rescue work away from here and i have put the barn guys to why do i feel so sad tonight? actually i know why i am sad, because it is a hard, cold and lonely world. i wish i didn't know.

i saw eddie at the vets and he is better, not FIP, just an exacerbation of his cold because of the steroids we gave him for his sore mouth. he could probably come home tomorrow, but i have asked them to keep him til saturday cuz i have alot on my plate right now.

we have a new crippled duck, she is a muscovy and was hatched in mid august. about ten days ago she started having trouble with her legs and now they are deformed and she can't walk. there is a bird specialist in abbotsford that she is going to see tomorrow.

so at 8 am i have to somehow get a sedated mugsy into a crate, pack up sam and the duck and drop tthe first two at hillndale and then get the duck over to abbotsford by 9. hmmm...sounds like a crappy morning to me.

gideon is not right tonight. i noticed him laying down alot at various times today and tonight he seems sedated. he won't eat his dinner and is just standing quietly in his stall and i have a bad feeling in my gut tonight about him. i will check him every couple of hours and see where he is going if anywhere from here, hopefully he is just sleepy and tired like me. i wish i had loads of horse experience, sigh, i called mo but she is not home.

i think the work party on saturday is a bust. as far as i know there is only one extra person who doesn't normally come on saturdays coming. there is enough for the regulars to do without killing them by adding more. oh well, the stuff will get done eventually, it always does.

ellie got hurt today, i am not sure how, but i suspect she got caught on a nail. she has a couple of deep scratches down her flank. she was very good while i cleaned them and put on some antibiotic cream. i did find a couple of more nails sticking out of the shavings bin so i pulled those out too.

i was thinking today that i could not have asked for a better surrogate mom for percy than jeanette. she has taught him how to be a really nice calf.

big sigh, the mile long pooper is currently in action, oh molly, the door is open hon. i guess i get to use one of the 50 new mop heads, gee, aren't i lucky tonight?



i just went out...he had a poop while i was there and started to nibble on his dinner. i will check him again at midnight and hopefully he will have eaten it all and had another poop too.
such a life i have, pooping horses are a good thing.


I hope it isn't colic either. But sometimes colic can be minor; I hope he feels better in the morning.


i was thinking about colic erika but didn't want to say it out loud...normally gideon is like the king of iron gut (how many times has he broken into the feed room?) anyway he hasn't been into anything in months so i am hoping it isn't the start of colic but he is very old.


Hi Carol
If Gideon starts to roll a lot in his stall or seems really uncomfortable, you should worry about colic. I hope he feels better in the morning though. Take care,