Rescue Journal

just a quick update

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2007

gideon is better. the vet said keep up with the quatrisol for a couple of more days.

jeanette is still down but we got her turned onto her other side, she has a large pressure sore on her hip and her ear from last night. eva stayed with her the whole time i was doing the vet runs and stroked her and told her she was safe.

he gave her alot more meds, dexamethsone, calcium, and more batamine. he said i have to turn her several times a day...hmmm, ok but she weighs a thousand pounds....and if she isn't up in a couple of days, it is probably the end.

agatha the duck was euthanized this morning, the vet said her spine had disintegrated and she had no pain receptor reaction and no possiblity for quality of life. he was a very nice and gentle vet, she passed peacefully away.

mugsy never did go down with his sedation but i did manage to get him into the crate. we had to muzzle him at the vets and i held him while he was sedated again...(but then i had to run to get agatha to abbotsford.) sam is there now too so hopefully they will get some bloodwork on him and then we will know what is going on.

now i am going to clean the barns and to give jeanette shit for trying to push those hay bales back so she can go flat again.



i wonder if a tow truck with a vet attending could help get her up once she has rested from her ordeal? I had thought about how i would get Rose up if she was unable to support herslef on her three good legs and fell or anyhow I imagined all sorts of ways to do engine lift was another thought..