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i don't always get nice emails

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2007

sometimes i get angry ones. today i got one cuz i pissed someone off. really, this is a surprise to anyone? i have alot of opinions and i happen to live alot of my opinions and i am bound to piss someone off at any given moment if they pay too much attention to what i say. the real problem is because apparently i shame others because i do more and bigger and better than anyone else. really? this is true? well good for me. and what am i supposed to do about a crappy job? become slightly slimey and stop helping animals so much? ok, that sounds like an easier life anyway.

seriously, what they were telling me is that they want me to be quiet. they want me to be a very quiet and sweet saintly saint. sorry, i live with clyde and phoebe and copper. they aren't quiet, they say what they want to say and they say it ALOT and i have to listen to it too. and they ain't sweet alot of the time either. i still love them even if they are freaking annoying most of the time. therefore, fair is fair...if i can love them for being who they are, even when they are a royal pain in the ass, i should be able to be loved by someone for being me too.

this is the best part about getting past 40, suddenly it is ok to be you even when people tell you to stop and be someone else..not likely. i figure if someone has all mapped out who i should be, then they should just be that person instead...don't ya think?

i bet i get in trouble for writing this, oh well this would be the down side of having a blog, it is all there in black and white for anyone to read, the good, the bad, the ugly and the in between.

i would really like to be a more perfect person, but i only got so much to work with here, i am doing the best i can considering that tact and actual sainthood passed me by.

(i did get the gift of the gab tho in plenty!)



deb has a bumper sticker i want "pissing off the whole entire world,,,one person at a time"
i am sorry about marie's mom and i hope you are feeling better soon too!

Francesca Wilson

Carol, I find it quite amazing that someone would take the time to be negative towards you. Couldn't they beter use that energy to being more positive. On a pesonal note, sorry Marie and I have not made it this time. She had to fly to New Zealand, her mother is ill and I have been under the weather. She is back November 4th and we will start again with our very small contribution.
Take care