Rescue Journal

ruby is still with us

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2007

the vet wasn't sure and neither was i so we did bloodwork instead....ruby was pissed, holy smoke that dog has a bad temper. anyway i fed her some canned food when we got home and she slept while i went to work and now she seems to be over it...whew.

mugsy looks and feels like crap...he has such a very soft and sad face when he doesn't feel well...i think too many drugs went thru him in the past couple of months in addition to the surgery meds...he has an unhappy liver right now, i hope it gets happy again soon.

the saints land line phones are down again so if someone wants to call me, better call bc tel first and report it. i can't call them cuz the 611 repair line doesn't work from a fido cell phone.

anyway, no phone means almost no sad calls, a few people do manage to get hold of my cell number.

packer is quite a funny dog, i am finally beginning to know him.

days off thurs and fri, wahoo, i can finally get to the dump!



apparently shouldn't ring busy...i have call alert and if i ignore that it should go directly go voice mail.