Rescue Journal

and the good news is....

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2007

A..i am finally done being toxic (at least for now)...i apologise, it was eating me up inside but now it is done.

B...AND...this i am really excited about....we have just accomplished the FULL intergration of cleo and mugsy. (this is only because wesley rockstar went home with nicole for a sleep over weekend)..but the door is now open between both the dog rooms and tally can lay on his beloved couch and mugsy and cleo can go outside now whenever they feel like they want to. whew, what a relief this is.

by the time rocky comes home again, they will be settled and right at home so he won't react to their nervousness and should probably just leave them alone (this is the plan that i am sticking with and rocky better cooperate)

also...saints is welcoming carlie on sunday. she is a senior incontinent pitbull at VAS. she needs a soft place to relax and retire and since she keeps getting overlooked for adoption, she is coming out here. i heard she is a sweetie and i am really glad she is coming cuz i have wanted a senior pitbull for awhile so people can see that they really are great, great dogs with a very few obvious exceptions (and most of these are some humans fault anyway). i hope carlie likes it here and i hope she fits in well too. i think we will order in pizza on sunday so we can start our new member in here with a happy cheer.

sweet pea slept til 5 pm tonight...that was an almost 16 hour kind of had me worried but jack sort of broke me in for little old ladies very long sleeps.

gosh, jack was such a character...does anyone miss her tonight as much as me?



Carlie is going to think she skipped dying and went straight to heaven. She is so very unhappy at VAS. A kennel, regardless of being heated, having raised beds, loads of blankets and toys, is no place for a senior lady like Carlie. She truly is a sweet old girl.....the volunteers love her (a volunteer is driving her from VAS to SAINTS) but the chances of a leaky senior Pittie, no matter how beautiful, being adopted from here right now are slim. Carlie will love pizza night, she'll love the fireplaces, and she'll love being a SAINT.
Thank you, again, Carol.

Chris T

Mabel sleeps for hours on end too. She wakes up, goes out, demands to be fed, goes out and goes back to sleep. Repeat every 10 hours or so. When she is up though look out!!! Especially if you are not fast enough with the chicken!