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the changeeverything contest

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2007

i just wanted to let everyone know that i think it was so wonderful for michelle to write that blog about us and take a chance to try to help. was hard, most of the time it was next to impossible because no one could find a place to vote, sometimes it was there and sometimes it was not. i don't know if the contest rules changed or we misunderstood, in any case i couldn't find them til jean posted them on brindle.

rarely do i ask people to help us...(my mother drilled it in to me as a child that people stand on their own 2 feet and don't beg) and even rare'er do i send out group emails, targetting individual friends to help us even more then they already do. but this time i did, and i didn't feel right doing it, it felt slimey. so whether the contest has changed or i just misunderstood...doesn't really matter. i so appreciate that show of support. it was worth way more than the money.

i actually hope that the girls international group wins in this final round...i like what those folks are trying to do. anyway, i am writing this because some of our really good friends are trying to revive enthusiasm for voting for saints again on brindle, and it isn't going to happen. everyone voted and bothered their friends like i did to vote the last time. none of us wants to bother them again including me and i am not.

that contest is over for me...600 people said "way to go saints"...hearing that once was so good, no one needs to hear it twice.

so.... if you haven't voted yet, read and think about voting for girls international...we will get our vet bils paid cuz we always do...but those young women maybe only have one chance at an education, and maybe this contest could give them that one chance too.

whew, i don't feel slimey anymore. (mom's who teach values are such a pain in the ass)

oh and before anyone starts thinking wow, carol is so noble (or so stupid)...i am not. i did cast my second vote and it was for saints where my obligation currently lies but i cast it before i had thought this all thru, and i might change that vote if i could..thank god i can't change it cuz internal moral debates confuse me more than i am already confused. (and thx for that too mom!)


Wayne Wynn

Tough post, Carol, but I respect it and I think I understand it. I have been sending out emails, also uncharacteristically. When I was a kid, I was in a private community band that required members to solicit funding, typically door to door. I had to leave the band because my parents did not believe in this sort of thing. I had mixed feelings at the time, but now I have no problem with it. I do not like it when people knock on my door soliciting, even for good causes.

That said, I am still pitching in for SAINTS. I think SAINTS deserves the support. And, yes, I have thought that the show of support is more important than the money. That is one reason for doing it.

Another is that I have concerns about how the contest is being run and I don't think they should be allowed to pass. As a member of VanCity, I may ask them to review the contest procedures after it is over, no matter who wins. If SAINTS wins, an inquiry from a supporter will carry more weight.

I don't like how the rules were too loose in the beginning and then changed mid-stream without prior notice (if I am correct about that). Also, a recent post in favour of SAINTS did not appear on the main page until I sent an email about it. Posts in favour of other contestants seemed to be on the main page as usual. This is my perception, of course, but VanCity, as sponsor, has a duty to ensure that the contest is fair and perceived to be fair.

Enough on the contest. As you said, you are done with it, and I respect that. But, I thought you might not mind hearing the views of a SAINTS supporter.


No way!!!!!!
I have asked everyone I know, and a whole lot of people I don't know, to vote for SAINTS. On Facebook, Pit Bull Forum, Pug Village, in mass e-mails, on Brindle.....and they will come through. SAINTS is a worthy, worthy cause, and there is nothing slimy about taking advantage of an opportunity.