Rescue Journal

the good news and the bad...

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2007

good news first cuz i want everyone in a real warm and fuzzy good mood thinking of all the great characters here.

everyone knows i am never going to write a book...A. i am lazy and B. i am busy... an oxymoron i know, but true.

but maybe a book can write itself with little effort on my part. so nicole is going to add a page somewhere for saints nightly bedtime tales and maybe someday we can pull it together and see if we can send it somewhere and if not those of us that like childrens tales can simply enjoy it for what it is.

i will post them on the blog as i get around to telling the stories and they will be actual happenings here BUT the animals themselves will tell the story. i think it sounds like fun and i have the first one already in my head. it is about cole and the firecrackers a few months ago.

now for the bad news...i am really sorry folks, i did something today that is going to make some upset. they are going to be upset because i stopped something good that might help the animals alot. and i have thought about it and struggled with it and the bottom line is...right or wrong, my values are all that saints currently has.

i have withdrawn from the changeeverything contest, even tho we are neck and neck for the lead. that thousand dollars would pay alot of vet bills but not enough for me to accept the money on the saints behalf.

the rules to the contest are pretty person, one vote and that is the rules that we follow. some multiple votes were cast using different ID's and while i appreciate the thoughtfulness and caring and support that this means, it also means that we broke the rules. saints is a place where for all that we try, it is a struggle each and every day. and that is ok as long as we continue to try our very best to be worthy of caring for the saints that live here.

we cannot pay their vet bills with money from a contest that we maybe didn't really win.

sorry, i know i am a pain.


kathy clausen

i am sorry that you had to make that decision but apparently it was the best one for you. my sister lynne volunteers there and absolutely loves it....keep up the good work!


Good for you Carol for doing what felt right. The money would've been nice for the vet bills but if it didn't feel right you're the one who has to sleep with the decsion not us!


I didn't think you could vote twice. I am dissapointed for you Carol...I wanted you to win. Mo says it is about Karma and you did the right thing. I just think you are too darn honest....
Good for you though doing what you feel is right.


apparently you log in on a different computer with a different user name and a different password and can vote again.


I would have liked to vote twice, but didn't; Rob voted for you himself. I didn't think that you could vote twice either!


I am guilty of TRYING to vote twice but it wouldn't let me. I assumed that it wasn't possible after that.