Rescue Journal

what clyde hears....

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2007

for the first few weeks after clyde came...every time i spoke to him he ran. i spoke with him gently, i sat on the floor, i tried really hard to get him to trust me but no way.

then one day i yelled at him for something...i don't even remember what it was and clyde has been my best friend ever since...i think niceness scared him...nice means someone is trying to trick you...nagging at him and giving him heck means...oh hey, she likes me...go figure.

so this is what clyde hears most of every minute of every day.

clyde leave that garbage can alone!

hey, quit biting me! ouch!!! you bugger that hurts!

clyde! be quiet! knock it off! stop that! get lost you little beast!

clyde! where the hell is my boot? where is my shoe? hey! that is my slipper, give it back now!

quit dragging my jeans around, don't pee there, come here, get out, move your butt, i mean it, move it right now!

where the heck is the freaking food bowl? where is the cat bowl? don't you dare dump that out! and get the hell out from under the sink and put that stuff back you little freak!

sigh....if he wasn't so happy, i'd feel sorry for him.



I have the same conversations with Jenny! "Jenny stop" "Jenny no" "Jenny leave Nudge alone" "Shut up Jenny" "Jenny stop fussing" "Jenny get out" "Jenny no biting" "Jenny don't you dare" "Shame on you Jenny"...................