Rescue Journal

and today starts early...

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2007

with a load of gravel already delivered (thx K! bye-bye mud!!)

i locked everyone in the house and didn't let them out again because of all the fireworks....sigh, last night it seemed waking up to a cesspool was small payment for avoiding disaster (like a panicked someone clearing a fence)....of course, i think i changed my mind this morning...not a great way to wake up....but i am not sure, i'd have been fine if clyde, phoebe and carly went sailing over the fence.... but none of those doornobs were the least bit afraid.

sooo...speaking of incontinence, for sure raymond wins any contest we ever had....he pees more often than clyde does and greater amounts than even jazz.

oh please out on weight and get healthy REALLY soon so we can get your neuter done and then you can live in the big dog room with an easy to access, open door to the yard!

BUSY,BUSY next couple of days here....i have to set up for the new incoming parrot, get the crates cleaned and ready for the BF cat transfer and pick up tomorrow, our new senior lady friend needs some home safety equipment, and i still have to find time to figure out carly. i need me to do all this stuff and another me to take care of the barn, the garbage, the store room plus someone else just to clean up my own personal stuff that is waiting right now too.

i wonder how much it costs to clone might be a good investment!



ever thought of plunking a trailer somewhere on there and getting a permanent caretaker helper type? for you or the children... whichever.
just a thought.