Rescue Journal

ATTENTION ALL VOLUNTEERS...we will not be happy...

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2007

i just discovered that cleo is COVERED in ringworm (i discovered this while she was laying on my lap rubbing all over me in my new chair and i found what i thought was an old healed hot spot and gee...and just had to start digging around in her fur, where i found half a dozen more that are not hot spots!). greg thinks she got it in that filthy boarding kennel they were waiting for us in and i am sorry but i have decided to shoot myself (as soon as i take care of this new problem) soooo...plan of action...

all animals that have been on site as visitors or residents since mugsy and cleo joined the main two dog room pack have to be preventively treated and so should any other animals in your homes.

i have ordered in almost $1500 worth of program and bought out london drugs supply of nizarol shampoo and will start treating everyone here and can really use a hand with the 25 dog baths.

also volunteers are advised to use precautions for next few weeks when visiting here...good hand washing, and changing your clothes as soon as you get home would be a good thing too. i plan on showering with nizarol for the next few has protected me many times in the past when that god damn freaking fungus slips in here on someone new.

and just so you know...cole ate the god damn cord off the dog room tv too so i am generally not happy with that whole freaking dog room right now.

do you guys know how much work and how expensive it is to stop ringworm dead in its tracks...i could just cry, it SUCKS!!.

you are damn lucky cleo that i love you and you are freaking lucky that i know how to contain this too. (but it still pisses me off cuz i get stuck with all the work and she just gets to lounge around in my chair and watch me.)

oh...and saints welcomes corky a freaking noisy little parrot and little miss no-name a very freaking cute pygmie goat (i will name her tomorrow when i am in a nicer mood so i don't stick her with some gawd awful bad mood name)



Welcome Corky, I'm sure Bernie and the gang will enjoy their new playmate.