Rescue Journal

and....another day...

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2007

saints welcomes cuddles, a fifteen year old poodle. since we already have one cuddles here, this new cuddles will be known as..."cuddles the cling-on"...he likes to be carried around.

apparently 2 of our dogs were running down the road and i didn't know that we were missing any...and we weren't cuz they were not saints but i got them and brought them home anyhow. the nice folks from mission animal control, came and picked them up so i didn't have to haul them way over there.

deb and angelina got mugsy and cleo thru their nizarol baths, i tricked them with loving while the muzzles went on. they managed quite well and now they are done so i am really happy about that!...thx you guys!!!

nicole got photo's of all our new guys and i hope she post them so you can see. she kept trying to get out of here this afternoon but fate and myself kept interfering.

quite a few visitors came by today and had a look around (it was one of those days where i was way far behind and it is that bloody washing machines fault too! thank gawd mo did the barn and lynn helped in the house or i would have be royally hooped today) meagan will be a new saints volunteer...welcome on-board meagan i hope you like working with the crippled crew. and oh my god...i forgot that another nice lady came by earlier and is going to volunteer too...grhh... wendy? was there two wendy's this morning and another this afternoon? geez...where is my mind gone? i suck, i really do!

now everyone loves raymond, and i love raymond too but i am getting tired of mopping up his endless pee. i know he can't help it so i just get the mop until.... 5 minutes ago when he got his first "yelled at" by me. look here mr. raymond...if you just gotta pee then go ahead. but pee on the floor or the chair or the wall but do not lift your leg and pee on tiger lily's head! cuz rule number two which i just made up is NO PEEING ON POODLES AT SAINTS. sheesh, you just have to make a rule about everything it seems, even stuff that you never think needs to be a rule!

i FINALLY got out to the ameri-cat room to spend some time out with them. i cleaned up their room and i chatted away and then i popped the friskies canned food. well oh my goodness does everyone love friskies and every single one of them ate. even sanjaya who stares at me in scowling disapproval got a special delivery straight to his bed. ha ha...he ate that stuff pretty darn fast!

i had to run rainbow to the vet this afternoon, she has been not feeling well. they did some bloodwork and pumped her full of fluids and then sent her home for tonight. we will have to wait for her bloodwork to come back (i think she is a closet diabetic...we shall see). anyway she is holed up in the bathroom where i can watch and see if she eats.

well...i still have laundry to do and i didn't get to the dump run so i will have to get that done for sure tomorrow. and i promised cuddles the cling on that he could cling on to me tonight.

oh and the good news is...edith's little leg was good today, she is motoring around fine and without any sign of a limp.

it sure rained alot today...i got soaked every time i walked out the door. it figures that when all the work is done and i can stay in the house...that is when it stops raining! it better not rain tomorrow while i am doing the dump run.



rainbow is not good...i think tomorrow depending on her bloodwork, (if it is diabtetes or pancreatitis we might still be able to beat this) but if it is kidney failure..we will be helping her to pass, she really is very ill.


i'll post the photos tonight after dinner - i promise!
carol please send me the email address of the best friends people who want the photos.


Hi Carol
I hope Rainbow is feeling better today! Hopefully nothing too serious? You guys sound really busy lately...well, as always I suppose!