Rescue Journal

ameri-cat 2

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2007

well it is official, they are all purring and letting me pet them now. sanjaya is an absolute love-bug but he is nervous love bug still. my hand reaches out to stroke him and he cringes down an inch or two and then he starts purring and kneeding and he even rolled on his side. ronnie and merlin couldn't stand it, the love fest was just too much to there is sanjaya stretched on the couch with ronnie tight up against his belly and merlin's head shoved into his neck...i needed three hands just to pet them all. we almost lost it altogether when the rock jumped up to get his too...not sure why i was sitting on the cold floor and four cats all got the sofa tho.

and it was chilly in there tonight, so i brought in another heater for the far side of the room. tomorrow greg will start insulating and vapor barriering and boarding the rest of the space cuz we haven't gotten further than just their new room.

plus i want to get the water lines in, it is a pain running back and forth between the buildings. AND i promised frodo i would give him a different room...a huge multi-purpose room just for him (he likes their room so very much and he is not happy that they took it away from him). i don't think he will mind when we build corky an aviary in fact i bet he thinks it is a very fine idea indeed.

so i tucked them all in and i made sure they were warm and i insisted that sunrise let me rub his head. he did and he purred too, good cat!

red is what i suspected, a closet sweet heart...he just loves to be touched and spoken to. and finally mosley has finished his tail wash, whew that is a major relief. it took long enough mosley!

the URI symptoms are lessening and merlin is not sneezing so much. but mosley's and sanjaya's mouths look really sore so tomorrow i will add glucosamine and slippery elm to their daily meds and see if that will reduce some of the inflammation, it worked for panda sometimes. if we can kick out that URI and get them all reasonably healthy...i might ask the vet about the risks involved in a long acting steriod injection (ok well i know what the risks are going to be) but if it makes them feel better and if their environment is strictly controlled to prevent any exposure to anything...maybe it is an option and a kinder one than attempting to remove all their teeth. these chronic and painful inflamed gingivitis' are just a constant long term horror for the FeLV's. dr. patrelli is coming on the 12th to do some accupuncture on swinger because his ulcers are bleeding from the anti-inflamatories and i have had to take him off the quadrisol which he needs for his arthritis pain. and she is looking at a long term naturopathic regime for these new cats to keep them in optimal health (that is the trick to managing FeLV...concentrate on wellness and hope to keep illness as far away as you can). also mo is picking up some donated interferon so we will have that in our arsenol as well.

i love that room and i love those cats and i finally have a peaceful animal full place to hide away in...dogs are not peaceful; at least mine aren't altho they are more fun at a party, they really just jump into the spirit of things... but for peaceful times....cats when they purr, the sound vibrates right thru your chest and all of your stress and worry just slowly and quietly melt away.



Thank you so much for the update. They are all such loving cats. We are all so thankful for you.
I was so sorry to read about Rainbow. Our hearts go out to you. Bless you so much.